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Barrie J Davies "As Seen On TV"

Seespray Gallery Hastings Opening party 24thAugust 2018
24thAug - 21stSept 2018
Barrie J Davies "As Seen On TV" Seespray Gallery Hastings Opening party 24th August 2018  24th Aug - 21st Sept 2018

Barrie J Davies is an artist, his paintings steal from pop culture, graffiti, psychedelia, street art, anarchically borrowing from Kitsch imagery with an urban art twist to give a contemporary feel. These paintings shout at you from another world where things and situations have melted into each other all layered up in paint. The work which is selected for you comes influenced by the internet, 24 hour shopping, trashy magazines, kitsch obsessions, pop art, dayglo fashion, dubstep beats all fused together in a mishmash of fun colourful pop styles. His main aim is to create fun colourful sexy paintings to brighten up your day.

Barrie J Davies was born in Milford Haven in Pembrokeshire and is currently based in sunny Brighton. Barrie has been a practicing artist for over seventeen years and has had up to eighteen solo exhibitions, as well as over hundred & fifty group exhibitions worldwide. His artwork is owned by well known comedian Noel Fielding, super star DJ Fatboy Slim and has also featured in the second series of Channel 4 Comedy “Raised by Wolves” written by Caitlin Moran. In paint he uses a provocative, colourful psychedelic and humorous approach to expose the human condition: notions of success, money, glamour, love, death, sex, gender & religion are picked at with dry comedic use of tragedy meshed with absurdity.



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