Barrie J Davies Artist FAQ's, answers to some of your questions. 

🎨 How can I buy your Urban Pop artwork? 

  • If you would like to purchase an original pop artwork by the artist Barrie J Davies but have a question or need any pre sale assistance please get in contact and all orders come with free stickers

🎨 How much is the shipping or postage costs on artwork?

  • There is free delivery worldwide on all artwork.

🎨 How long will it take for my artwork order to arrive?

  • I send all all orders out as soon as possible, so it could be with you by the next working day. If you are ordering from overseas this can longer for it to get to you, for example orders to the USA can take up to 7 to 10 working days. 

🎨 Can pick up my purchased artwork from your artist studio in Brighton?

  • Artwork can also be collected in person from my artist studio in Brighton, please get in contact to arrange collection.

🎨 Do you do local delivery of artwork?

  • yes, thats no problem, just message me when you place your order to check the distance, location and availability.

🎨 Do you accept cheques?

  • No Cheques, sorry it has be through the website or cash please!

🎨 Do you accept part payments for artworks?

  • No, sorry I do not accept weekly or monthly part payments for any Artwork, it has to be paid in full. 

🎨 How are the prints delivered?

  • All Prints will be sent out on the same day, if ordered before 1pm.
  • Unframed prints ship in a hard back envelope or hard back tube with acid free tissue paper.

Unframed prints ship in a hard back envelope or tube with acid free tissue paper

Unframed prints ship in a hard back envelope or tube with acid free tissue paper

🎨 Do you operate a framing service?

  • Sorry, I don't get involved in framing any artwork. All paintings and prints listed on this site are unframed unless stated.  

🎨 How are many of your prints edition 1 of 1?

  • Each time I go to make a print in the studio, I do like to mix it up and do something different each time. This could be with different colours, hand finishing or different sizes. I like the idea that each of my Silkscreen prints has its own unique qualities and finishes. 

🎨 I want to buy a painting as a gift or present for someone?

  • If you want to buy a painting or a print as a gift and have it delivered to another address as a surprise, that is no problem, just get in contact before you make a purchase and it can all be arranged for you. 

🎨 Is the artwork signed and dated?

🎨 What art material do you use to make your paintings with?

  • All paintings are made using acrylic paint, collaged paper, spray paint, emulsion paint, glitter and then varnished to protect the surface of the painting for many years to come. 

🎨 Do you do commissions?

  • No

    🎨 I am running an art exhibition can I show your artwork?

    • If you would like to show any of my artwork please get in contact.

    🎨 What colours do you use for your pop art paintings, prints and artwork

    • I love to use neon colours for my artwork. I love using extreme colours that stand out and pop! Literally!

    🎨 Which Art galleries can I see Barrie J Davies Artwork on Display?

    • My Artwork is on display in many places around the country and online for more information please get in contact.

    🎨 How can I verify a Painting or Print that is made by you?

    • For any artwork verification please get in contact.

    🎨 Do you paint Street Art Murals?

    • If you have a wall you would like to get painted with artwork please get in contact.

    🎨 How do you make your prints?

    • I silk screenprint my prints on paper, some are layered up with other stencils and silkscreens on heavy 300 gsm paper. 

    🎨 How did you get started?

    • After school, I went and did a foundation in Art and Design in Carmarthen in Wales, The I did a degree in Fine Art in Southampton in England and then a Masters Degree in Cardiff back in Wales. The rest is history as they say. 

    🎨 How would you describe your artwork?

    🎨 Can I buy you Pizza? 🍕

     Buy Barrie J Davies pizza

    🎨 What material do you like to work on?

    • I am very happy with a simple piece of paper; pen, paint or print can be added.

      🎨 How important is humour and fun in your artwork?

      • Very important, I like to make people smile and laugh. Its good for the soul!

        🎨 Do you fancy a Pint to talk about Art? 

        🎨 Can you do painting of my dog?

        • Sorry, its not my thing.

        🎨 Are you going to do anymore Performance artwork in the future? 

        • Maybe, not sure, ummm, next question...

        🎨 What type of paper do you use for you limited edition pop art prints?

        • I like to use thick 300GSM paper.

        🎨 What is the most awesome piece of artwork you have made?

        🎨 How do you plan your paintings?

        • Do lots of drawings and doodles to work out the idea's, then I go for it!

        🎨 What is the biggest painting you have ever made?

        • I did make a painting in University which was 600cm long and 150cm high. It was huge!

        🎨 What spray paint do you like to use? 

        • MTN 94 Spray Paint.

        🎨 Where do you get your inspiration from? 

        • The everyday world, the internet and pop culture.

        🎨 Have you done any online exhibitions where I can see your artwork? 

        🎨 Have you done any artwork about food?

        🎨 Who inspired you to become an artist?

        • My uncle when I was aged 6.

        🎨 Hi Barrie do you do mates rates?

        • You can ask for mates rates, and after a short pause I may say not today, unless I am in a good mood. You can try, but don't cry if I say no.

        🎨 Who let the dogs out?

        • Not me.....

        🎨 How much time to you spend on your artwork?

        • I try to get in the studio everyday, but I do spend half of my time doing my art admin, packing orders and other random stuff. 

        🎨 How many exhibitions have you had?

        • I have been in over 200 group exhibitions worldwide and had over 18 solo exhibitions in the UK. 

        🎨 Who does your website, Social media, SEO and Marketing?

        • I do all of this myself. 

        🎨 Where do buy your art materials from? 

        • Some I get online and some from art shops in Brighton.

        🎨 What your favourite biscuit? 

        • Hobnobs.

        🎨 What was your first job?

        • I worked as a juggler teaching juggling at Milford Haven Marina.

        🎨 What influenced pop art? 

        • Pop art is influenced by what is happening in popular culture such as Music, Television, Films, Magazine, News and the Internet. My favourite Pop Artist is Andy Warhol and he has been very influential in how my artwork is made and presented. 

        🎨 When did pop art start? 

        • It emerged on the art scene in 1950 and it has continued my many forms to the present day.

        🎨 Where do you get those titles from to use for your paintings or prints? 

        • Sometimes they come from song titles, sometimes its something someone has said to or something i've seen online. 
        🎨 Do you have a blog?

        🎨 What awards have you been nominated for?

        🎨 Tea or Coffee?

        • I love a cuppa tea in the morning, but coffee is my favourite. 

        🎨 What are you wearing today?

        • Black skinny jeans, sunglasses, gold Chelsea boots and a black fedora. 

        🎨 Why street art is important?

        • I think street art as an art movement is very important as you do't need to go to a gallery to see it or enjoy it. Street art is also important to me because it goes against the gallery system and anyone can make it and put out on the street for people to enjoy. I love the styles in street art as it takes from art history and graffiti culture to give back something new and creative. 

        🎨 Can I Buy you a coffee? 

        🎨 What is the secret of creativity?

        🎨 Does the queen own any of your artwork?

        • Not at the moment. 

        🎨 Do you know who Banksy is?

        • I know people who know people.......

        🎨 Whats your favourite colour?

        • I do love neon pink! 

        🎨 Do you take sugar in your tea?

        • No, never have.

        🎨 Whats the most expensive artwork you sell? 

        🎨 Do you have any jobs going in your artist studio?

        • I'm not employing anyone at the moment, but maybe one day. 

          🎨 If you were not an artist what would you be?

          • Youtuber, I love youtube! 

          🎨 Whats your favourite film?

          🎨 How has your artwork changed over time?

          • I have started making these silkscreen prints two years ago and that has been amazing and fun to do. Its great to make something quicker than a painting which can take up to four weeks to finish.  

          🎨 Can I reserve a piece of artwork on your website?

          • Please get in contact to discuss. 

          🎨 Do you have a Youtube channel?

          • I do have a channel you can subscribe to on Youtube

          🎨 Do you have a podcast?

          🎨 Do you make animations?

          • Check out some of my animated bits and pieces here on Giphy

          🎨 Favourite Studio snack?

          🎨 What do you eat for breakfast?

          🎨 Are you on Tiktok?

          • Yes! I love it! Follow me on Tiktok.

          🎨 How important is creativity?

          • I think it's super important and we are all creative in different ways.

          🎨 What do you do when you have creative block?

          • Go for a pint, go for a walk or just sleep on it, that does help with creative block. 

          🎨 Do you collect Art?

          • Yes, I have small collection of Artworks by some great artists I admire. 

          🎨 Why did you move to Brighton?

          • Because Brighton is an amazing place and to live by the sea.  

          🎨 What is your favourite pub in Brighton?

          🎨 When is your next exhibition?

          🎨 Do you sell any drawings?

          • Yes I have done lots drawings.

          🎨 How big are the Lucky Dip Artworks?

          🎨 Do you do Artwork for Free? 

          🎨 Can I visit your artist studio in Brighton? 

          • If you want to visit the artist studio of Barrie J Davies in Brighton to see any artwork, please get in contact to make an appointment. 

          🎨 Can we pay you to go to our party? 

            🎨 Whats your favourite soup?

            • Mulligatawny soup, Its awesome. 

            🎨 Have you designed any clothing? 

            • Yes! check out my socks.

            🎨 Any plans to do any t-shirts with your artwork? 

            • Something I am working on. 

            🎨 Any plans to do any more installation artwork? 

            • I did loads years ago, but every exhibition I put on is like an installation for me.

            🎨 Are you doing any more books?

            • Yes! I have my small book available on my website, but more will be made in the future, watch this space!

            🎨 Have you have a Depop? 

            • Yes! check out me on depop.

            🎨 Blur or Oasis?

            • Lets have both!

            🎨 I'm doing a school/college/uni project can I interview you?  

            • Yes, please get in contact with any questions and I will do my best to help you. 

            🎨 Would you like to curate an exhibition for our art gallery? 

            🎨 Is there a god? 

            • Dunno....

            🎨 What are you painting in your Brighton artist studio at the moment? 

            • If you want to see what new paintings I am working on, you can see lots of photos of what I am painting in my Brighton artist studio on Instagram

            🎨  Are you available to do Artist talks? 

            • Yes please get in contact regarding my fun Artist Talks.

            🎨 Do you sell anything on Ebay? 

            🎨 Do you sell anything on Etsy? 

            • Check out my shop on Etsy.

            🎨 Are you Single? 

            • Nope i'm taken! 

            🎨 Are you making any greetings cards? 

            • Watch this space.......

            🎨 Is that your real name?  

            🎨 Whats your favourite food? 

            • I like all food, especially Pot noodles, but I hate mash potato. 

            🎨 Who are your favourite artists? 

            • Im really into lots of Pop Artists and Urban Street Artists such as Banksy, Mr Bingo, Pete Fowler, Mr Brainwash, Martin Creed, Jon Burgerman, D*Face, Pure Evil, Kaws, Takashi Murakami, Barry Mcgee, Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat and Shepard Fairey.

            🎨 Do you have any advice on being an artist? 

            • Just make art you like, have fun and be nice to people 😊

            🎨 If you could exhibit your artwork in one top art gallery which one would it be? 

            • One day I wish to open my own gallery in Brighton. That would be the best place to showcase all my contemporary Urban Street Pop Art Paintings and limited edition prints for sale. 

            🎨 Where can I find out more about you? 

            🎨 Can I be your friend on facebook?  

            • If you really want to add me on Facebook its cool, but to warn you I do sometimes have hit the limit of 5000 friends allowed by Facebook. 

            🎨 Can I add you on LinkedIn?

            • If you want to add me on LinkedIn thats okay.

            🎨  Can I get your autograph?

            • My Autograph scribble available with my artwork.

            🎨 When are your next exhibitions so I can see your artwork?  


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