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Brighton Artists Open Houses is an event that, as the name implies, gathers together many talented people in the city of Brighton and Hove to participate in an open-house event where the public can view artworks in the houses and studio spaces of artists who are participating in the event.

Throwing away the snobbish and exclusive vibe that many art shows and galleries give off — the Artists Open Houses is a program that brings the art close to the audience instead of it being the other way around. And with a formula that makes for an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, this event is expectedly well received by the general public — in fact, the said festival will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this month.

That is 40 years of creating a personal connection between the artist and the viewer in a setting that feels all too familiar. As how Judy Stevens, the current director of the Open Houses Festival puts it, the event is one of the rare occasions that everyone is connected through a shared love for art, she said, “Artists Open Houses connect artists and makers with an audience of art-lovers, buyers and industry professionals – and is also fun to take part in, exhibiting with your friends in your own home.“ Indeed, the Brighton Artists Open Houses is a recipe for success in spreading the love of art to people from all walks of life — as it should be in the first place.

Founded in 1982 by Ned Hoskins, an artist from the Brighton area himself, the Brighton Artists Open Houses was born out of Hoskins’ observation that the art events in Brighton had a lack of visual arts. Eventually coming up with a simple solution which is to open his Fiveways residence for public viewing of his artworks, Hoskins’ act of eliminating the obstacles that hinder many people from appreciating art has spawned a movement that has literally spread all over the country and has spanned over multiple decades to this day.
Of course, staying true to the vision of its founder, the Brighton Artists Open Houses event has reached nearby regions as well. From students to senior center residents, everyone is welcome at the event which celebrates artist of all levels and their passion for creation.

Besides snacks and other refreshments being offered in some homes, event-goers who are traveling to the area are also offered a visual treat of the urban scenery of Brighton. For the historic 40th anniversary this year, the theme of the festival would be Towards the Light, which is inspired by one of its founder’s works and the concept of raising awareness for the environment and nature as a whole.
While some of the artworks on display are for sale, access to the event is a hundred percent free.

The Brighton Artist open houses I am exhibiting this year are at 10 Palmeira Square, Hove Curated by Janie Rangier and Art Rascals at 47 Sutherland Road, Kemptown. Curated by J David Bennett. 

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