Graffiti art symbols

Graffiti art symbols

Graffiti art symbols take on different kinds of meanings depending on the situation or context. In most circumstances, the symbolism behind graffiti art can also be determined by the disposition of the artist behind the artworks themselves as well.

Ever since graffiti art in general has experienced a massive development alongside the growing popularity of street art during the turn of the 20th century, the symbols and elements incorporated into the art style have grown in meaning and definition throughout the years that it was given time to develop as an art style and an art form in general.

The boom of Pop Art in contemporary times has unlocked the freedom of artists to express themselves in whatever way they deem the most fit for their personal tastes and preferences.

Veering away from the sophisticated nature of traditional art, Pop Art has allowed artists to unleash their creative expression in a more unrestrained manner that does not consider the imaginary boundaries set by the classical rules of the art movements of old.

Graffiti art has been one of the most expressive ways that artists have been able to communicate their thoughts and feelings to the world. The impressive range of artworks covered under graffiti art is truly admirable, from the wildest of caricatures to the simplest of minimalist art, the symbolism behind graffiti artworks has been the perfect representation of the unrestrained boundaries of modern society.

While Graffiti art in general cannot be particularly defined into a strict set of symbols to define it with black and white meanings, the rough designs of each symbol that springs up is enough to convey a familiar feeling — a feeling that is strong enough that people have roughly attached definitions to some symbols.

Since the art of graffiti symbols has particularly thrived in street culture, many of the common scenarios in “the streets” is a common theme in most graffiti symbols. For example, the incorporation of the number ‘13’ in graffiti artworks can be associated with gangs.

Other symbols are not as dark however. A number of artists have also incorporated elements in pop culture such as advertising themes, everyday products such as soda bottles, and even famous celebrities into their artworks. Sometimes, these elements can be played around with one way or another to convey a message or just simply to invoke a parody of something.

While the definitions behind the symbols that are prevalent in graffiti art can vary from one creator to another. Another common theme that backs these works up are their underlying messages. Since street art is closely associated with the masses, themes of graffiti art such as announcing a political message or a response towards a social issue is also another common topic of focus for graffiti artists.

Surely enough, their works and symbolisms are enough to invoke strong feelings and responses from the public who are able to see their art in full display on the surfaces of public establishments. With the continuing wonder of graffiti art which continues to enrich itself everyday, there is no doubt that the beauty of the art form will survive for the years to come.

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