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How to choose the right artwork for your space? The living room serves as the focal point of your house and is where you unwind, host visitors, and show off your sense of style. Choosing the correct artwork for your living room can maintain harmony, bring a sense of elegance, bring in the wow factor, and showcase your personal style. However, selecting the ideal piece of art can be difficult given the wide range of possibilities available.

Secret Kitty Cat Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Understand Your Space

Think about the area that the artwork will be placed in before starting your search for the ideal piece. Take into account the room's measurements, lighting, colour palette, and general design. In the late nineteenth century, a unique movement in middle-class home décor became known as household art. As its name implies, it sought to incorporate art into homes. The main means by which this movement was disseminated were books and articles written by tastemakers who were of the opinion that house interiors might foster individual expression and have a moral influence. These authors aimed to set aesthetic guidelines for homes that complemented the changing Victorian social mores.

Crazy Clown Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Define Your Style

Your artwork should express your individual style and blend in with the existing decor. Fundamentally, the aesthetic movement, which promoted art in every home, was the source of domestic art. This trend made beauty and the arts more accessible to those with modest resources by defining art to include both decorative and fine arts. One of the main tenets was the correlation between beauty and functionality, highlighting the significance of useful items with visual appeal. Choose the type of artwork that will go with your furniture, accessories, and colour scheme by taking inspiration from them.

Running To Fun Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Consider the Mood

From calm to excitement, artwork has the ability to arouse a variety of emotions. Think about the atmosphere you wish to create in your room. Household art literature is distinguished by four main characteristics: it is arranged by room or room components; it emphasises the effects of the home environment on its occupants; it promotes the works of renowned designers and firms; and it makes use of idyllic, attractive graphics. The kind of artwork that best suits your area will depend in part on its mood.

Freddy Goes Freestyle Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Size Matters

The artwork's size plays a crucial role in establishing visual harmony in your room. A collection of smaller pieces can give a wall depth and interest, while a single enormous, gigantic item can provide a dramatic focal point. A lot of homeowners had a poor understanding of the fundamentals of harmonious interior design, which led to disorganised colour and proportion schemes. This problem was addressed by household art books, which taught readers how to choose furniture, wall coverings, curtains, and other decorative accents tastefully. When choosing the size of your artwork, take measurements of the available wall space and the scale of your furniture into account.

 Post Man Doesn't Deliver Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Color Harmony

Choose artwork with consideration for the colour scheme of your room. This era's decorative pieces were highly prized for their connotations and aesthetic attributes. American heirlooms from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries inspired tradition, whereas English heirlooms from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries generated a longing for bygone eras. By encouraging simplicity, naturalness, and tradition to offset perceived reductions in adornment, bringing parts of nature indoors also counterbalanced the harshness of urban living. Think about the psychological effects of colour: cool colours like blue and green encourage calm, while warm colours like red and orange can energise a space.

Mad Crazy Yippee Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Mix it Up

Mixing and matching different textures, materials, and styles is a great way to curate your own collection of art. The rise of a leisured elite of women who assumed responsibilities for furnishing and decorating the home paralleled the growing interest in home interiors. For these women, books on household art functioned as guides, intended to teach them about aesthetics and raise the bar for interior design. Authors defended their suggestions by using philosophical ideas and moral standards, highlighting the moral elevation connected to a lovely residence. You can demonstrate your eclectic taste and add visual intrigue by combining different kinds of artwork.

Step On The Drawing by Barrie J Davies 2023, Oil pastels on paper, (unframed)  A2 size 42cm x 59.4cm.

Personal Connection

Select pieces of art that speak to you personally. As designers sought inspiration and direction from the past, their quest for timeless principles in the arts gave rise to a preoccupation with history. The methodical examination of Gothic art by Augustus W. N. Pugin served as the basis for the development of design concepts that were then applied to a variety of historical styles. Particularly antique furniture was prized for its artistry and style, providing a sought-after substitute for contemporary inventions. Your home will be enhanced and made really yours by your relationship with the artwork.

Skull Attack by Barrie J Davies 2019, mixed media on canvas, Unframed, 50cm x 75cm. Barrie J Davies is an Artist - Pop Art and Street art inspired Artist based in Brighton England UK - Pop Art Paintings, Street Art Prints & Editions available.

Consider the Artist

You have the option to invest in recognised masters or to support up-and-coming talents. Look up the creator of the piece of art you are thinking about. Sincerity and honesty were valued as ways to enhance the arts, and it was thought that these advancements would improve society's moral standing. John Ruskin, a well-known art critic, gave common art writers a definition of nature's role and morality in art, highlighting the significance of truth that is obtained from following natural rules. Essential truth could be reached by human ingenuity through the application of these laws to the arts. This caused aesthetic criticism to change from focusing on mathematical proportional systems to focusing on a moral interpretation of art. Find out about their background, methods, and sources of inspiration.

The Information Painting - BARRIE J DAVIES IS AN ARTIST

Think Beyond the Walls

Walls do not have to have artwork. A room's ambiance was greatly influenced by its wall treatment, where the wainscot, the darkest area of the wall, gave way to the upper wall's pattern, which served as a backdrop for photographs. Often the most elaborate section of the wall, the frieze may have relief patterns, mottos, or lifelike figures. In a similar vein, ornate ceilings were permitted, giving the area a lighter feel than its lower sections. It was advised that ceilings be made visually more interesting by adding ribs, beams, stencilling, decorative painting, or ceiling sheeting. Use your display creatively to give your room personality and visual intrigue.

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