How to hang artwork

How to hang artwork

How to hang artwork?

You have your paintings and other artworks that you have collected throughout the years somewhere around the corner of your room, or maybe you just bought a new one. But after a while you realize, you actually don’t know where and how to display your artworks.

It might seem like a simple thing to many, but once you actually have to think about it, there are a lot of factors to consider in hanging your art around the house. A lot of questions might race through your minds such as which room suits which painting the most and how big the area should be covered by a painting in a particular corner of a room — among many other thoughts and uncertainties.

The most common and obvious answer to this dilemma is to go by what your gut says. Sure, instincts will tell you what the best decoration options for your artworks might be, but if you need even more inspiration in order to make your artworks fit in easily with the overall aesthetic of your walls, here are some tips on how to hang your art properly and effectively.

First of all, before getting into everything, you must have the exact measurements of both your room (or any preferred location) and the artwork itself. Also, it’s important to take note of the material where you will be placing your art as well. A few details to keep in mind include the sturdiness of the area and if it is durable enough to withstand the impact of a drill or a hammer.

Hanging art pieces at eye level is also a must in order to bring out the beauty of it as much as possible. An approximate measurement that you should go for is at least 57 to 60 inches from the center of the area to the floor. If there will be obstacles in the way such as a piece of furniture, it’s best to place your artwork at around 4 to 6 inches above it.

When you have several art pieces at hand and you want to place all of them in a particular area — consider the many pieces as a single artwork. Besides keeping the “57 to 60 inches away from the floor” rule in place, keep the spacing between the art pieces to around 3 to 6 inches away from each other in order to give the feeling of space and volume.

Lastly, the most important rule is to go creative with it. While there are several recommendations on how you should place your pieces — if there is another way of hanging your artworks that suits your style better, then go for it! Art is all about maximizing how you express yourself, you should treat the recommendations as mere guidelines and choose a placement style that is the most pleasing to your artistic taste.

Whether you want several of your pieces to go unframed, or you want a placement style that creates a unique pattern, before getting into it — you should prepare a detailed blueprint on how to go about the entire setup and acquire all the necessary materials, tools, and equipment you need to get the job done. At the end of the day, the rest is up to your hands — literally. 

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