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Hanging artwork How to hang artwork

How to hang original art? Owning an original piece of art brings a unique quality to your home. It gives any area more character, personality, and elegance. Art plays an important part in your house, giving visual appeal and improving the atmosphere for visitors. When traditional art is incorporated into homes, viewers benefit. Art on display enhances aesthetics and shapes perceptions in the mind, creating a happier atmosphere. But many people are at a loss on how to display these distinctive artefacts.

Shit Happens Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 21 cm x 29 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Choose the Right Location

Measure twice, hang once: Give considerable thought to where you want the art to hang before driving nails into the wall. To ensure accuracy, measure and mark the location several times rather to risk having an uneven or crooked display. Place the artwork so that it is visible from a variety of angles and draws the attention of everyone entering the room.

Pop Tarts Painting by Barrie J Davies 2022, Mixed media on Canvas, 60cm x 90cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Measure Twice, Hang Once

When hanging art, one of the biggest mistakes individuals make is not measuring the area accurately. The artwork's centre should hang at eye level for most individuals, about 1.45 metres above the ground. Make sure there is a minimum of 15 to 30 centimetres between the top of the sofa and the artwork if it is hanging over a sofa. Divide your wall into four areas starting from the bottom and hang the item in the third if your ceiling is low—less than eight feet. If your space is already busy or cluttered, choose larger pieces so as not to overtake it.

 Half Mast by Barrie J Davies 2015, mixed media on canvas 50cm x 60cm, unframed. Barrie J Davies is an Artist - Pop Art and Street art inspired Artist based in Brighton England UK - Pop Art Paintings, Street Art Prints & Editions available.

Eye Level is Key

Generally speaking, you should hang your artwork on an open wall at eye level or slightly below. This means that, depending on where your hardware is located, the centre of your artwork should be between 57 and 60 inches off the ground, with your hook measuring higher than that. If the majority of the people in your home are short, go for the lower end of the spectrum; artwork can be hung somewhat higher than 60 inches off the floor in areas with ceilings higher than eight feet.

UFO's Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 24 cm x 30 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Consider the Scale

Take into account the artwork's scale in relation to the available wall space while hanging it. It is important to take into account the size of the walls as well as the artworks when hanging wall art. While small pieces may be lost on a huge wall, oversized artworks can overpower a small wall. Measure the wall area and the pieces of art you want to exhibit before hanging any. The "three eights" refers to the amount of blank space you desire on either side of the artwork. Multiply your wall's width by 0.57 to determine the size of the artwork you need to achieve this. Therefore, the ideal match would be a piece about 60" wide if your wall is 9 feet wide (108").

Skull Attack by Barrie J Davies 2019, mixed media on canvas, Unframed, 50cm x 75cm. Barrie J Davies is an Artist - Pop Art and Street art inspired Artist based in Brighton England UK - Pop Art Paintings, Street Art Prints & Editions available.

Create Balance and Symmetry

When hanging many works of art, aim for symmetry and balance. 50/50 balance or a mirror reflection are two ways to conceptualise symmetrical balance. Stated otherwise, the image would appear identical on both sides of the centre. Aim for balance and symmetry when hanging many works or building a gallery wall. A consistent theme or colour pattern should be maintained, as well as the distance between frames. An attractive focal point can be created from a group of artworks by using this harmonious arrangement.

Made you look Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 20 cm x 20 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Lighting Matters

When presenting your artwork, lighting is crucial. While natural light can bring out the intricacies and colours in an image, direct sunlight should be avoided as it might eventually cause fading. If you want to draw attention to a gallery wall or certain items, think about utilising artificial lighting like track lighting or spotlights. Not only does beautifully lighted art look amazing, but it also becomes the centre of attention in your room.

Super Fries Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 30cm x 42cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Securely Hang Your Art

It's time to hang your artwork safely after you've chosen the ideal location for it. D-rings are typically included with frames, but if yours aren't, you can purchase some. Selecting the ideal candidate for your project is crucial. Just keep in mind to use the basic rule of thumb when selecting D-rings, or any picture hanger for that matter: choose a hanger whose weight capability is three to five times that of your wood frame or object. It matters how you tie the picture wire onto the frame. It must be correctly fastened in order to hold the frame to the wall; otherwise, there can be a broken frame on the floor.

Honk If Your Horny Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 20 cm x 20 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Take Your Time

Don't rush the process; hanging original work is a sort of art in and of itself. The artwork can be of any size, and its media can include paintings, drawings, photos, and any other 2D art in between. Additionally, the attractiveness is greatly enhanced by the mismatched frames. Black metal frames, elaborate, vintage gold frames, and hardwood frames with or without matting are all available. When the colours of the frames, mat, and liners all match, there's something really lovely about it. However, it isn't the way the French meant it to be! Art is inherently excessive, and the same is true of the way walls are decorated. Although these walls seem to be the latest trend, one can't help but wonder what the gallery directors think of it. They are acknowledged as the authorities in the heart.

Problem Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 20 cm x 20 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Get Creative with Display Options

Think of using unusual hanging techniques, such resting artwork against a wall or utilising ornamental easels or supports. Consider placing framed artwork and mirrors on the floor, as well as on bookshelves, mantels, window sills, and tables. Use sticky tack, which is similar to a wad of gum intended for hanging posters, to adhere objects together, against a wall, or to prevent art from sliding forward if you need to prevent it from slipping. For a dynamic and varied look, try experimenting with different style and medium combinations.

No Ducking Painting by Barrie J Davies 2023, Mixed media on Canvas, 51cm x 61cm, Unframed.

Enjoy Your Masterpiece

After your artwork is displayed safely and in the ideal location, stand back and appreciate your creation. Art adds atmosphere and visual appeal to particular spaces, such as living rooms or kitchens. While creative decorations can change stairwell walls, nursery art engages children's minds. Art improves workspace efficiency in offices, and outdoor wall art enhances interior décor. Take pleasure in the beauty and originality that original art adds to your home because it has the ability to change a room and arouse feelings.

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