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How to pick the right artwork for your hallway. More than simply a route, your hallway is a blank canvas just begging to be painted with hues and patterns that capture your own sense of fashion and individuality. It's a chance for you to showcase your unique style and personality.More than simply a route, your hallway is a blank canvas just begging to be painted with hues and patterns that capture your own sense of fashion and individuality. It's a chance for you to showcase your unique style and personality.

Exit Planet Dust painting - BARRIE J DAVIES IS AN ARTIST

Consider the Space of your Hallway

After taking measurements of the area, choose the kind of artwork you want to purchase. Generally speaking, you want to occupy roughly two thirds to three quarters of the wall area that you have available. The dimensions of medium wall art are 25 to 32 inches in both height and width. This size is substantial enough to add visual impact without overwhelming the room or becoming visually cluttered. Light hues reflect light, giving the impression that a room is bigger and more open. Dark tones, on the other hand, absorb light and produce comfortable spaces. The hallway's illumination should be noted because it can alter how details and colours are viewed. Colours seem more vivid and saturated in a room with lots of light, and duller and less intense in a space with less light. When combined, ambient and natural light can help you obtain more accurate colour.

Right Said Fred Painting by Barrie J Davies 2023, Mixed media on Canvas, 65cm x 65cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Know about your style

Choose works of art that speak to you personally. Your living room art should showcase your individuality, whether it's a work that has sentimental importance, a preferred artist, or a particular style. Without limiting itself to particular carriers, abstract aesthetics investigates the multiple ways that aesthetic conditions can manifest themselves through material realisation. It treats all objects as possible carriers of aesthetic characteristics, essentially ignoring the differences between natural, artistic, and technical objects. Think about topics that suit your taste in art, such as abstract, landscapes, or photography.

Todays special offer by Barrie J Davies 2015, Mixed media on Canvas, 30cm x 80cm, unframed. Barrie J Davies is an Artist - Psychedelic pop surreal street art inspired Artist based in Brighton England UK - Paintings, Prints & Editions available.

Create Coherence

Choose pieces of art with comparable colour palettes, subjects, or artistic techniques to keep the overall appearance coherent. Seek for items that complement the room's colour scheme but in different tones, or use colours that contrast sharply by going opposite the colour wheel. Colours have the ability to affect how we feel and how we see a room. Knowing the psychology of colour can help you make the right decisions when setting the mood. For instance, as they are frequently connected to tranquilly, blues and greens are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms. Warm colours like red and yellow may infuse communal areas like the kitchen or living room with vitality. Choose colours based on the emotional effect you want each area to have.

Cosmic Moggy painting by Barrie J Davies 2018, mixed media on canvas, unframed, 50cm x 60cm.

Experiment with sizes

Experiment with different sizes to create visual appeal. Contrast is an artistic notion that describes how opposing parts and effects are arranged. For instance, sharp and smooth textures, light and dark hues. Hang artwork vertically to give your corridor a sense of height. By doing this, the room will appear larger and the eye will be drawn upward. Add a sense of space and brightness to your hallway by utilising tall, thin mirrors or mirror panels. They will act as light reflectors, opening up the room.

Small Painting by Barrie J Davies 2019, mixed media on canvas, Unframed on mini easel, 7.5cm x 5cm.

Tell a story

Assemble a collection with a unifying theme or narrative. One can draw connections by employing a shared method, colour scheme, or the same subject or elements rendered in many media or styles. A series is basically a group of paintings that, upon closer inspection, clearly indicate that the same artist made each one. The visitor can more easily comprehend the artist's message by looking at the collection, as the concept that unites all of the works is expressed and reiterated in various yet connected ways. The initial idea develops into something larger and more sophisticated than a single painting could ever be with each new picture in a series. With each addition, the artist's voice becomes more audible and distinct, indicating that they are following a path and are aware of their destination as well as the steps necessary to get there.

A Day in the lives by Barrie J Davies 2018, mixed media on canvas, Unframed, 50cm x 75cm. Pop Art Street Artist based in Brighton England UK - buy art online with free delivery Pop Art Paintings, Street Art Prints & sculptures.

Frame the artwork

Select frames that accentuate the artwork and go well with the design of your hallway. The painting's style will aid in indicating the frame style. Paintings with classical themes, for instance, look well in a classic gold-leafed frame or a stylish dark wood frame. Paintings that are lighter or more abstract typically look better in simpler frames, like a box frame with a thin border. In a gallery wall, mismatched frames are very acceptable! Actually, combining and matching various frame types and sizes can improve the eclectic look of your gallery wall and provide visual appeal.

Ghost Star by Barrie J Davies 2018, Mixed media on Canvas, 90cm x 90cm, Unframed.  Barrie J Davies is an Artist - Pop Art and Street art inspired Artist based in Brighton England UK - Pop Art Paintings, Street Art Prints & Editions available.

Add a personal touch

To make the hallway feel more intimate and representative of your life, add personal touches. Enhancing the hallway with personal items like pictures and artwork will make it feel more inviting and show off your taste. When hallways are decorated like actual rooms, with colourful walls and a variety of accent pieces, they always look their finest.

I Want Free Beer Painting by Barrie J Davies 2024, Mixed media on Canvas, 21 cm x 29 cm, Unframed and ready to hang.

Create symmetry and balance

Balance the corridor by placing art pieces in equal sections. By dispersing visual weight uniformly throughout the room, visual equilibrium can be created. You can achieve this by combining shape, colour, and texture. With its sense of balance and order, a symmetrical gallery wall may completely change the look of your entire house. Because symmetry is aesthetically pleasant by nature, it has a calming and harmonising influence on a room. It gives a room a feeling of purpose and refinement when used on a gallery wall, which elevates any space. Symmetry gives your wall art a timeless, well-organized look, whether it takes the form of a grid-like arrangement or a row of matching frames. This gives the piece an air of purpose and careful design.

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