Skateboard Art

Skateboard Art

Skateboard Art has been known by many names since it first hit the mainstream alongside the prominence of Pop Art at the turn of the 20th century. From names such as ‘Skate Art’, ‘Deck Art’, and ‘Skateboard Deck Art’, the art form has rapidly evolved since it was made famous by street artists who have hopped on the Pop Art bandwagon back then.

Since the emergence of street culture in countries such as the United States, one of the commonly associated items with the trend was skateboards. A sports equipment that combines a wood-based deck with wheels that help propel the rider (or in this case, known as the skater) in any direction, skateboards have been around for quite some time now.

Since the creation of skateboards, the purposes of their use have evolved to become a popular symbol of street culture due to their common use in urban environments. The skateboard culture has been accepted as an expression of street style that would further expand into a passion-filled community that continuously shares new tricks, tips, and other discussions with each other up to today.

With the creativity that has always lied behind the skateboarding culture, it is not a surprise to see the incorporation of artistic techniques and methods into the iconic sports equipment.

Specifically, skateboard or deck art is the manner of applying various designs on the deck itself, as the name implies. Usually, artworks are applied on the bottom side of the skateboard to preserve the integrity of the creation since the top portion of the deck will obviously wear down over time after multiple uses are stepped on.

In fact, skateboard artworks have been a hot commodity, especially in modern times. Many designs have also gained prominence throughout the years that the art technique has been a common practice in street culture. From minimalist creations looking for a simple aesthetic to eccentric works charged with a wild splash of vibrant colors that seek to catch the attention of onlookers with every flip, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to skateboarding art.

While skateboard brands such as Santa Cruz Skateboards and Enjoi Skateboards have incorporated the idea of applying designs onto their decks, many other artists and independent creators all over the world have had their own takes on skateboard art throughout the years that have passed.

Some of the notable personalities that have emerged during the peak of the skateboard art movement are artists such as Wes Humpston and Vernon Courtland among many others. The relevance and hype surrounding skateboard art have indeed attracted many other urban aficionados to its ranks.

Emerging at around the same time as the boom of Pop Art and the consequent birth of Graffiti Art that came along with it, skateboard art was another act of rebellion against the formalities of society. If there is one thing shared among these mentioned art techniques that have gained popularity in modern times, it is their subversive nature — at least in the eyes of society.

Breaking the norms of imagined sophistication and the rules that came along with traditionally created art, skateboard art is yet another fresh perspective on what truly art is, a channel of creative expression that is for anyone and everyone.

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