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street art sticker by Barrie J Davies.

Street Art Stickers or what’s commonly known to the wider art community as sticker art has been one of the mainstay variations of pop art and street culture which continues to enjoy a relatively huge following among avid lovers and artists alike even in the current times.

Being referred to by many other names since the art form has evolved such as sticker bombing, slap tagging, sticker tagging, and even sticker slapping — the art of applying stickers in street art is a considerable part of the entire art form and the culture in itself.

Street Art Stickers are particularly beloved in the pop art community which has been known for its fondness for “instant” yet quality art — basically, art pieces that can be applied on whatever surface or location in just a short period of time — given the circumstances wherein most works are done illegally without obtaining permission from the proper authorities.

With street art stickers, an artist can easily concoct a creation from the comforts of his own home without the hassle of being caught. After deciding on a piece, an artist can then produce his work on adhesive sticker material which can then be literally “slapped” on the surface of whatever public structure the artist so chooses.

Whether it’s a lamp post or a public bench, the possibilities for street art stickers are endless. And even the actual creation process itself of street art stickers has been made easier with the advent of the Internet and photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.


In fact, not only is the art of making stickers very easy and convenient for an artist but also the cost of mass-producing street art stickers is generally affordable — and in some cases, free. In areas such as the United States, post offices give out free sticker materials such as Label 228.

Of course, street artists can use this to their advantage by collecting enough material for their projects. The stickiness and ease of access to Label 228 material alone is an example of the availability and the low barriers of entry to the street art sticker scene.

Whether an artist prefers hand-drawn creations or digitally manipulated pieces, sticker art is a free-for-all for creators from all walks of life. The ease of mass-producing sticker art alone via a printer — creating hundreds of designed stickers in a single moment — is an appealing proposition for even the newbies in the street art scene.

Artists such as Cristina Vanko who uses stickers as a form of activism targeted toward climate change and Cindy Hinant who incorporated stickers in her artworks as a means of speaking for female representation in pop culture are bold examples of the reach and influence that street art stickers have reached in recent times.

Indeed, the masterful blend of street art and sticker production has spawned a modern community of artists who continuously express their creativity in different ways. As modern technology continues to evolve, so does the process of creating street art stickers — making the art form the perfect manifestation of pop art and the culture and society that it represents as a whole.

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