Street pop art prints

Street pop art prints

Here is the latest work in progress in the studio on new street pop art prints.

I have been looking at new characters to use in my artwork, hope you like them. 

Some have included stencilling, printing, painting over and reprinting. I love adding lots of extra layers. 

Here is great feedback I received about my artwork.

Street pop art is one of the biggest trends in the industry that continues to make waves for it's unique and creative style. Shying away from your typical traditional art, street pop art rejects the sophistication of classical techniques through a spontaneous blast of color that is truly a sight to see. Charismatic artist Barrie J Davies is the prime example of street pop art in action, conveying his fun personality into every piece of art he works on.

Barrie J Davies creates street pop art pieces for both public and private collections worldwide. From prints, paintings to sculptures, his artistic style is the full embodiment of urban pop.

Truly enough, Davies also advocates for the same. Breaking down the imaginary barriers of art, he creates pieces that blow people’s minds with their vibrant colors sprayed across the entire canvas with occasional elements of pop culture standing out in all its glory.

The best thing about is that it perfectly fits anywhere and everywhere, that in itself is the true beauty of Barrie's street pop art pieces. From your personal office or in your living room — this amazing art style is an eye candy that’s forever sweet. Perhaps Davies’ perfect understanding of this one-of-a-kind art is why you just can’t get enough of his electrifying world of rebellious art.

All of the street pop art pieces that Davies has up for sale online are personally hand-finished. With each piece being different from the other unless stated otherwise. To top it all off, all of the street pop art prints are signed, numbered, and dated by Davies himself.

You can check out through the website with examples of street pop art prints which include pieces such as the Disco Dot Print which has hit TV character Dot Cotton as its main subject, and the Manic Bob Print that showcases a Spongebob Squarepants and Homer Simpson hybrid character as its primary design lined with a unique pattern of smiley faces all colored with signature urban pop hues.

Barrie J Davies’ street pop art pieces can be shipped worldwide for free. Meaning that owning a piece of this cool artist’s work is accessible now more than ever. True to the very essence of street pop art, his art is catered toward anyone who might have a growing interest in the trending urban culture which is beginning to make waves in the art scene. It’s safe to say that the world of Barrie J Davies is definitely electrifying.

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