Sunday Doodling Fun!


Sunday Doodling Fun! I have been having lots of fun creating these mash up drawings with oil pastels. What do you think? 

Doodling is more than just the product of randomly drawing shapes and lines in a blank space. Doodling is an art form in itself, despite its simple nature and how relatively “easy” it is to make doodle art.

Doodling is a very unique art style. Commonly, doodling is classified under process art, meaning that the act of doodling itself has more value than what comes out of doodling.

People usually make doodles when they are occupied with something, whether it’s a meeting at work or a lecture in school, doodling is a great way to keep one’s mind sharp and focused.

The art of doodling has no rules and guidelines to abide by. Doodling is an art form that is unique to every person. Some people might prefer to doodle familiar figures and objects, while others can just sketch random lines and abstract shapes; and both styles would still fall under the same category of doodle art.

Doodling is different from each person. Doodles can also come from simple patterns to fully-formed sketches. Doodling is more about the process of how these random figures and shapes are made, rather than the actual output that comes after doodling.

Besides being a creative art style that has no limits on how it’s expressed, doodling offers a lot of benefits as well, especially when it comes to improving one’s memorization skills and ability to recall information for longer periods.

Despite being an art style that pops out especially when the brain seems to be “turned off”, it helps a lot with improving one’s focus and capacity to retain necessary information.

Experts believe that doodling can help people slow down and focus more on their immediate tasks at hand. Doodling is also an effective therapeutic device, with many people reporting that doodling helps them to lower their stress levels.

Doodling also helps in boosting a person’s creativity. Through doodling, the brain is being constantly stimulated and eventually, new ideas and nuggets of artistic inspiration can pop up. Doodling is a perfect way to get out of a rut caused by mental blocks.

Many notable personalities in human history are known to doodle a lot. The famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, is famous for his numerous doodles. He would do sketches of his friends in his notebook pages — a collection that would also be an iconic piece of art in itself.

Legendary artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, who is known for creating the masterpiece known as the ‘Mona Lisa’ painting, was discovered to have doodled in his notebooks as well. Also, several American presidents such as Thomas Jefferson and Ronald Reagon were known to doodle as well.

Doodling is a unique and beautiful art form. It varies from person to person, but it speaks volumes in terms of creativity. It’s a very intimate art style that is so simple, yet can provide a lot of context on how people are able to channel their imagination.

And on top of that, it also helps out a lot with processing thoughts and emotions — especially during stressful times.

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