What Is Graffiti Pop Art?

Graffiti Pop Art

Graffiti Pop Art is yet another modern development in the art scene which is a testament to both the complexity and the unlimited possibilities made available in the realm of creative expression that has evolved over time as humanity became more civilized as the centuries passed by.

As the name definitely implies, Graffiti Pop Art is actually the combination of two different art forms that have especially gained prominence and awareness in the most recent centuries, especially with the rise of the contemporary art movement that began roughly around the turn of the 20th century.

To further understand the styles which make up the combined art form — first, graffiti art is a technique that although it has been around since ancient times, the style has only been classified into its own category around the 1980s with the rise of street art culture.

Simply put, the art of making graffiti is the creation of several art pieces on the surfaces of public areas such as building walls and other locations which are easily seen by the public. And, judging from the nature of the style itself, graffiti is expectedly illegal in some areas.

On the other hand, Pop art is a more general art style that mainly incorporates pop culture elements as its subjects. First gaining traction in the United States and the United Kingdom during the 1950s, Pop Art is usually described as being eccentric and steering away from the strict “rules” placed on traditional art which is more than often described as being sophisticated.

While there are observable differences between both graffiti and Pop art and how they are generally defined, the common denominator between the two styles is that their themes are focused on activism, speaking out on social issues, and breaking the traditions of classic art.

And so, combining the two techniques into a single form known as Graffiti Pop Art, pieces that are made under this category are known to be made with the vibrant hues and wild structures of graffiti art but at the same time possess the general qualities and messaging usually identified with Pop art.

From the use of fictional characters that pop up in everyday shows and movies to iconic celebrities that have come and gone through the decades, the possibilities with Graffiti Pop Art are endless.

In a way, Graffiti Pop Art is a defining exclamation point on the rebellious nature of Pop Art. While Pop Art seeks to amplify messages and reactions to certain issues that the artist is concerned with, the merging of Pop Art with graffiti is a physical manifestation of the said sentiments of the artist — elevating it to a higher level of absurdity that would definitely get the message across.

The powerful voice that Graffiti Pop Art gives to creators can be credited to the pioneers of the combined art form such as Darryl “Cornbread” McCray who was known for revolutionizing the graffiti scene in America and Andy Warhol who laid down the groundwork for what is now known as Pop art.

Check out an example of my graffiti pop art painting

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