Why street art is important

Street Art Why street art is important

Street Art is one of the biggest things to happen to the contemporary art scene. Ever since traditional art was transformed into a form that fit the modern times more, a lot of techniques and styles have sprung up since then which all originate from the modernization of how people express themselves creatively.

During the beginning of the 20th century, the landscape of the art scene would forever be changed by the emergence of Pop Art and contemporary art styles in general. In a nutshell, modern art was a rebranding of art as it was previously known into a more public-friendly interest.

Before the boom of modern art, people back then were used to the idea of art being a sophisticated hobby that is reserved only for the cultured and the elites. Art was an exclusive form of enjoyment that can only be truly appreciated by those with enough wisdom and intelligence.

Traditional art was bound by rules and other guiding principles that differed in technique, style, and form. From the many art movements that have initially been guided by old-school rules, the dawn of modern art threw everything out of the window.

From the strictness that art previously embodied, modern art became an outlet for the masses to voice out their sentiments towards the rigidness of traditional art. Rules became simple suggestions and the creativity of art during contemporary times can only be truly judged by the artist and no one else.

One of the most significant developments to happen in modern art is the popularity of street art. Basically, street art is the act of applying different kinds of artworks in urban environments — preferably on the surfaces of buildings and public walls which had the main purpose of being noticed and appreciated by people.

In the years that have passed that the technique has gradually become a common theme among modern artists, and there have been many benefits that were associated with street art since then. For one, street art has become an outlet for establishments and street artists to collaborate with each other on various murals and other works of art that can help both sides.

On the business side, street art enhances the aesthetic of the dull urban scene which would definitely help with attracting customers. For street artists, they are given a safe space to create their artworks without fear of having their pieces removed by the responsible authorities.

Also, cities would most likely experience a boost in their tourism rates as well if the street art scene in their areas is properly cultivated. The more creative pieces pop up every now and then, the more likely it is for outsiders to take a visit and appreciate the street artworks around the city.

But most important of all, street art is important because it is an outlet for the everyday artist to express his/her creative identity in a manner that is both relevant and relatable to them. By continuing to promote street art culture, modern artists become more connected with today’s society and how the later generations express themselves — their passions and beliefs — in a vibrant and free manner.

Check out some examples of my street art inspired paintings.

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