The Beauty of Brighton Street Art

Brighton Street Art

Brighton Street Art, as the name implies, is the emergence of artworks across the urban landscape of the city of Brighton in England. However, to give a little bit of context into the trendy art form, street art in general is a type of visual art that is seen along many public places in order to gain the most visibility possible.

Other terms such as “independent art” and “post-graffiti art” are attached to the street art style. And with the many names used to define it, street art really has no formal and strict rules attached to it.

While common themes were explored during its early years such as anti-political messages and other bold statements splattered across public areas (often done illegally), street art has since evolved into a technique that aims to spread awareness on various issues in a milder and more legal approach.

In more contemporary times, street art is even used by businesses and individuals for a number of reasons such as fundraising or simply just to enhance the aesthetics of a particular area in the city.

Street art as a whole incorporates the use of many kinds of materials. From the use of vibrant hues to the addition of materials such as LEDs and even stickers, the possibilities are endless with the street art style.

Perhaps this is the main reason as to why street art has come to be loved by both artists and the general public in different countries and regions all over the world. And one of the main hotspots for street art is none other than the city of Brighton located in the United Kingdom.

The region has gained a massive following in recent times for not only hosting a large community of street artists, but also boasting beautiful artworks that would definitely catch the eyes of passers-by everyday. Talk about quality and quantity.

From the biggest pieces adorned in massive buildings to simple artworks decoratively laid out in several corners, Brighton has it all. Banksy, the famous street artist most known for his distinctive art style plus an identity that is yet to be confirmed to this day, chose the Brighton area as his canvas for Kissing Coppers, a stencil artwork regarded by fans as one of his best works.

But this is just the start of what Brighton has to offer in terms of creative and unique street art. Many other areas around Brighton have attracted both locals and tourists for its sheer amount of street art that is simply pleasing to the eye.

These areas include North Laine which also has several pubs and restaurants in its vicinity, The Lanes which is an urban labyrinth of alleyways that will surely wake the adventurer in you, and Kemptown which gives off a homey and welcoming vibe for everybody.

Comic book characters, celebrities, and eccentric visual elements — these are just some of the words used to describe Brighton Street Art. Perfectly representing street art and even stretching its limits to unknown artistic boundaries, a visit to Brighton and its street art locations should definitely be on everybody’s bucket lists.

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