What is remix art?

Remix Art

Remix art is a form of media manipulation that alters or changes the original state of a specific media into a different version. Remixing can be done by either adding elements, removing certain portions, or completely changing parts of a specific thing in order to create an entirely new form.

Small Monster Mash Print by Barrie J Davies 2021 - unframed Silkscreen print on paper (hand finished) edition of 1/1 - A5 size 21 cm x 14.8 cm.

While remixing is commonly associated with songs and music in general, another form that remixing takes can be found in visual art. In fact, remix art also has many different interpretations — ever true to the essence of art itself. But the most accepted definition of remix art is basically appropriating an artist’s works and incorporating them into one’s own work in order to create an entirely new piece.

While the ethics behind remix art is a constant topic of debate, the purpose of remix art is not to copy or rip off the work of another creator, but instead to preserve the essence of the original artwork and enhance it into a version that is both unique and respectful to the previous work it is based on.

An example of remix art in action can be found in iconic works such as The Marilyn Diptych created by leading pop artist Andy Warhol which manipulates an image of popular Hollywood sex symbol Marilyn Monroe into vibrant colors and styles to create an entirely new piece.

Another example of a popular art piece that is grounded on the principles of remix art is The Weeping Woman — a collection of oil paintings created by Spanish master artist Pablo Picasso. Created up until 1937, this work merged various perspectives into a singular form, mashing it all up in order to create a chaotic yet aesthetic take on remix art.

In fact, many other paintings by Picasso can be classified as remixed art. Some of his works have been inspired by events in his life such as The Three Dancers or Les Trois Danseuses which talks about a love triangle.

Remix art can also take the form of parodies. In recent times, remix art has been used as a way to make fun of an artist’s original work. The Internet has also paved the way for the rise of not only parodied works but the entire art form of remixing in general. Especially with the rise of photo manipulation programs such as Adobe Photoshop since the dawn of technology.

Some viral trends in recent times have been the most popular interpretation of remix art as of late. During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several respected institutions such as the Getty Museum and the Rijksmuseum have created “social media challenges” that encouraged people to recreate their favorite classic paintings.

The result was both a humorous and amazing interpretation of famous works such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and Psyche Opening the Door into Cupid’s Garden by John William Waterhouse by people from all walks of life across different areas of the globe.

It is without a doubt that remix art is a more relatable art form to the masses and its constantly expanding range will make sure that it survives for the years to come.

Check one of my remix art paintings called Pigcasso Painting.

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